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By Chris Gore | March 27, 2002

This animated short stars deadpan magician Morto, who performs “tricks.” Trouble is that every magic trick seems to involve gruesome death. When Morto saws a lady in half, she is really sawed in half. When Morto throws knives at a beautiful assistant, she is brutally stabbed. Doves end up dead, faithful assistants end up in pieces, Morto is a real riot.
Morto was created by Steve Martin, in fact, Morto himself kind of looks like the white-haired comedian. Morto is hysterically funny if you like comedy involving lots of death and animals being hurt and/or killed. For those ready to get upset at the morbid humor, keep in mind, this is a cartoon. Got it? No animals were hurt in making this movie. So, get over it and get a taste of Morto, I promise, you’ll laugh and cringe.

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