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By Eric Campos | June 24, 2002

The title of this film couldn’t be any more correct. This hypnotic five minute stop motion animated piece will absolutely leave its audience wanting more.
Working all day at a dreary assembly line job, a twisted little puppet of a man comes home to his equally dreary apartment to wrack his brains over a new invention that will hopefully spring him from his meaningless existence. Applying his heart and soul, his work finally pays off and he is regarded as the greatest inventor of all time, but he soon discovers that this success has come with a great price.
The look of “More” is a little reminiscent of a Brothers Quay film, but with more of a cartoony feel. There aren’t any disembodied doll heads floating around here, but the world that this inventor dwells within is just as dingy as the world of the Quay Brothers can get. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you should do yourself a favor by downloading it from one of several websites it’s on. I’ve seen it twice already and now I’m going back for more.

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