By Film Threat Staff | April 23, 2000

The Ohio Independent Film Festival & Market is not just the only festival in Ohio specifically dedicated to independent filmmakers, but is the only film Market, a place where distributors gather to watch films and make decisions about purchasing films, in the Midwest. Many short films (including the Ohio-made “The Indescribable Nth”) were picked up for distribution by companies such as AtomFilms and Always Independent Films at the 1999 OIFF & Market.
So don’t miss the Call for Entries for the 2000 Ohio Independent Film Festival & Market! It is the leading independent film event in Ohio, and will be held in November at Cleveland Public Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. The deadline for film and video submissions is POSTMARKED BY AUGUST 1; the late deadline is POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 1 (different fees apply). Formats accepted are 16mm, super 8, and video (VHS NTSC). All films selected for the 2000 OIFF & Market are eligible for our Off-Hollywood Oscarz awards, worth almost $2,000.
The mission of the OIFF (established in 1993) is to be the leading organization in Ohio dedicated to freedom of expression through the art of independent media, by encouraging emerging media artist, and by providing a consistent, reputable venue for work the public may not otherwise see. The OIFF accomplishes our mission by facilitating grass roots networking for independent media makers, by acting as the accessible step between local filmmakers and the larger world of independent film, and through educational programs and workshops.
OIFF ^ 1121 Clark Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44109 USA (216) 781-1755 (216) 696-6610 ^ ^ [ ]

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