By Eric Campos | July 14, 2003

Yikes! I haven’t been this spooked visually by anything since I first saw Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” video. What can I say? Grown men wearing prosthetic masks to make themselves appear like life-size human puppets with a bad case of the uglies scares the s**t out of me. Good thing there’s plenty to laugh at, otherwise it’d be back to therapy for me.
“Mook From Jersey” is a comic short featuring Spunky, a pissed off old fart, and his “brutta” Mook, a short, fat, balding mess who lives with his mom and takes s**t from absolutely everyone. Hey! He’s a MOOK! The short finds our two chuckleheads sitting in a movie theater, chowing down on a “Butt Load” sized popcorn, and waiting for the feature, “Star Wars,” to begin. Comedy ensues as these ugly puppet men bitch and moan at each other while they’re waiting for the flick, plenty of the discrepancies involving the “Star Wars” universe. And then comes along the hooker who can fellate a hot dog without gagging. Yes, the life of a mook can sometimes be very amusing.
Like the “Spirit of Christmas” short that kicked off the craze known as “South Park” about seven years ago, I foresee “Mook From Jersey” evolving into a half hour episodic on something like Comedy Central where it will be a huge hit. You just get that feeling while watching this short. It won’t be long before we’ll all be calling each other mooks.

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