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By Doug Brunell | December 25, 2002

“Monsturd” plays like a second-rate Troma film, and that’s not a compliment in this case. Obviously, a horror comedy about a giant fecal creature isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously, but the film doesn’t even try to go for any surprising laughs. You see every joke coming, and few of them are funny.
This disaster is really a bedtime story told to a father by his little girl. (How the girl makes up a story rife with expletives and genetic research is never explained.) In her tale, a serial killer (Brad Dosland) falls into a contaminated sewer and turns into “S**t Man.” Then he kills people. The police and the FBI fight him with flies, sunlight and diarrhea medicine, all while wearing diapers as body armor. Yeah, the film is actually lamer than the description, which is shame because it starts off fairly promising.
The first fifteen minutes or so of this movie move at a great pace. It’s so well done, in fact, that one almost forgets the premise … almost. The directors aren’t going to let that memory lapse last long, though. Once the movie finds its stride, well, it’s really not worth sitting through except to see just how bad it can get.
There are a ton of puns a reviewer could use to describe this film, which has more scat in it than a German porn flick, but that would mean putting more creativity into the review than the writers and directors put into this movie. Word to the wise: If Troma’s films (and there are quite a few good ones) seem too highbrow for you, this is your flick. Everybody else should check out something from Troma or Low Budget Pictures if you’re in the market for an insane horror comedy that will actually make you laugh.

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