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By Jim Agnew | September 26, 2003

For better or worse most films (and short films) are created to be some form of entertainment. And that’s the problem with “Momma’s Boy.” The subject matter and story are so despicable that it would be hard for any sane person to be entertained by watching this film.

“Momma’s Boy” is about a drugged out 20 something mother that w****s out her 9-year-old son to local child molesters and pederasts so that she can make enough dough to feed her drug habit. The poor child hides out in a bathtub while losing his hair. Fed up with his situation, the child pulls a gun on his latest trick, killing him (after the trick had made the child give him oral sex). The boy then finishes up by shooting his drugged up mother in the chest.

That said, I think that J. D. Sievertson has talent as a writer, director and storyteller. I love edgy material (“Irreversible” is one of my favorite flicks of 2003). Hopefully next time out Sievertson will pick some material that has a little more entertainment value.

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