By Film Threat Staff | January 20, 2005

Just as the 2005 Sundance Film Festival comes to a close, two films supported by Sundance Institute and shown at the ’05 Festival will be presented by the Museum of Modern Art as part of its Premieres series. Held in the newly upgraded and refurbished Roy and Niuta Titus Theatres, the MOMA Premieres series marks the opening of the museum’s new building at 11 West 53 Street in midtown Manhattan. Sundance at MOMA is the latest collaborative effort in an ongoing relationship between Sundance Institute and the Museum of Modern Art.

Monday, January 31, 6:30 ^ The Immortal ^ Directed by Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez ^ In her second feature-length documentary, Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez investigates post-civil war Nicaragua and its current environment of religious manipulation, male chauvinism, and poverty. Using a beautiful and compelling visual language, Moncada Rodriguez describes the impact of war on one family, illuminating the division and hardship left behind for future generations to contend with.

Monday, January 31, 8:30 ^ Me and You and Everyone We Know ^ Written and directed by Miranda July ^ A writer and an artist in multimedia, performance, web, recording, and video, Miranda July can now add “feature-length filmmaker” to her extremely-accomplished-for-the-age-of-thirty resume. The story concerns adults and children trying to figure out how to touch each other both physically and emotionally. They seek intimacy but choose tortured routes—from the sadly indirect to the wildly inappropriate—to get there.
For more info, visit the MOMA website.

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