Over the past few years, Seduction Cinema–a small indie film company located in New Jersey–has been releasing ultra-low budget softcore sex flicks with titles like The Erotic Witch Project, Vampire’s Seduction, and The Erotic Ghost. In essence, they’ve taken the Troma filmmaking formula and given it a kick in the a*s by adding a lot more sex. Up until recently, the studio was making some strides and gaining notoriety for combining campy storylines with amped-up (mostly lesbian) sex. But, in the race for the almighty dollar in the much-coveted “horndog” demographic, Seduction Cinema was still lacking something: a recognizable star whose sex appeal would draw a legion of blue movie fans back for multiple purchases.

Enter Misty Mundae. Blessed with a kisser that is all doe-eyed innocence and a lithe body that suggests the strong possibility of a myriad of sinful activities–the 22 year-old brunette seems like the perfect choice to quarterback Seduction Cinema’s endless assembly line of ready-made sexploitation epics. Sensing this, SC has signed Mundae as their first exclusive “Seduction Cinema Girl.”

But, as Mundae says herself–in other ways–she’s an extremely unlikely candidate for the job of being a direct-to-video sex kitten for hire. For one thing–she’s no dope. Mundae’s a college student who has been known to regularly muster up a grade point average that lands her on her school’s Dean’s List. Also, she seems none too impressed to learn that she numbers amongst her fans bimbo-friendly radio shock jock Howard Stern. On top of that, she’s already showing that she’s capable of being much more than another hot chick with her recent debut as writer and director (as well as star) of “Lustful Addiction” and “Confessions of a Natural Girl.”

And with other upcoming roles in SC movies like “SpiderBabe,” “Lord of the G-Strings” and “A Beautiful Behind” (they do love to parody mainstream films over at Seduction Cinema) there should be plenty more to see of Mundae for some time to come.

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