“Mind Meld” provides a rare chance to peer behind the curtain of “Star Trek” fame, and see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy having a simple, yet candid, one-on-one chat about the impact the show had on their lives. Shatner and Nimoy speak very honestly about the pressures of making a weekly series, the challenge of making “Star Trek “into a movie franchise and the rivalries between the cast & creators. They also delve into the very personal issues that they’ve each dealt with over the courses of their respective careers, like marriages, divorces, kids, and their struggles with personal demons and addictions.
Die-hard Trekkies might be put off by the fact that their heroes Captain Kirk and Mr.Spock are very human and fallible men in real life. However in addition to the banter, we are offered some rare, personal photos, and a peek into Nimoy’s study. There are also a few interesting revelations like the fact that Shatner and Nimoy were born 4 days apart (who knew?) and that the stresses and frustrations of network television production ultimately led Nimoy to seek therapy.
The film was esentially produced to promote the William Shatner website updates, and although it’s relatively straightforward in concept, it’s definitely thought-provokingly honest, genuine and heartfelt. When you see these guys in casual clothes, sitting in Nimoy’s backyard, giving us a glimpse into lives that were overshadowed by the roles that defined them, it’s very clear that these mutual experiences have bonded their 35 + years of friendship. This film allows Shatner and Nimoy to boldly go where no man has gone before… reality.

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