Given the supremely important recall election in the state of California I felt that it may be appropriate to do a relevant and topical column for the occasion. It is not too often that these pieces of mine can be accused of being relevant (having a topic is enough of a stretch here) so you can imagine my excitement. The problem, however, when pouring over the cinematic catalogue of Arnold Schwarzenegger lies in finding a movie few people know about. His are movies that are either vastly popular or infamously horrible, but either way they are recognized.

The result came down to two titles. One was “Red Sonja”, and the idea of sitting through a sword and sorcerer epic was off putting. Mercifully, I could dismiss it as being primarily Brigitte Nielsen’s movie, and nobody is going to claim that she is a bankable star. That leaves us with the lightly regarded “Raw Deal”, and my nerves were calmed. I conducted a deeply scientific survey, (which consisted of asking people I knew who watch movies) to gauge the relevancy of “Raw Deal”. The closest positive response I received consisted of, “Isn’t that the one where he was wearing a wife-beater on the poster?”

I knew I had found my movie.

The story continues in part two of MILK CARTON CINEMA: “RAW DEAL”>>>

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