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By Doug Brunell | May 24, 2006

Mike Messier has compiled what one would assume to be a greatest hits package of his Rhode Island public access show, “Mike Messier Midnight Saturday.” If this is the best of the best, however, there’s no real reason to watch the show.

Public access shows can be borderline brilliant, something “Thunderbird Theatre” often flirted with in its heyday. Others, like the one Mike Messier does, have hints of genius but never go anywhere. He tries, though, with bits of Stormy from the Suicide Girls doing her thing, some bands, some short films from other directors, and Messier himself doing some stand-up comedy which wasn’t very funny or entertaining — sort of like his show.

Messier deserves some credit for putting himself out there. I think he’s more concerned with amusing himself instead of his viewers, however, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, I believe he is too easily amused. Wrestling, crappy music, and jokes that try too hard to be offensive (and don’t even come close) only really capture the attention of sixth grade boys. If that’s his audience, however, he’s done a fantastic job.

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