By Admin | February 11, 2002

Listen, I need to make this known right now. If you make any kind of moving picture called “Midget Nun” – THEN THERE BETTER BE AT LEAST ONE F*****G MIDGET IN IT! Whether it be 30 seconds, or whether it be 30 f*****g hours, you bet your a*s with a title like that, I’m expecting some goddamn midget action. Instead, all I got was a shitty shot on video joke about penguins and intercourse.
Not only is this short a complete piece of s**t, but it’s a complete kiss-a*s piece to Troma as it uses Entombed’s version of “Amazing Grace”, as appearing in “Terror Firmer”, during the end credits. If I was bending over while I was watching this gem, I’d release a giant FFFRRRAAAPPP just to let everyone know exactly how I felt about this here waste of time.

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