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By Film Threat Staff | July 15, 2002

San Francisco’s IndiFest MicroCinema is under way right now, running through July 19th at Jezebel’s Joint, home of a 40 seat digital movie house. Featured films are:

William Gibson: No Maps For These Territories – This film provides sharp insight into one of the great intellects of our era, through extensive conversations conducted while traveling in the back of a limo.

“Starving Artists” – Created by a collection of Boston-area talents, “Starving Artists” is a film made by, for, and about starving artists.

“With or Without You” – A love story as unsparingly raw as its hardened main heroine, “With or Without You” inhabits a world far removed from that of the breezy slacker romance, a world where wit, beauty, or a cool job at a used CD store still cannot overcome unsentimental, cold reality.

Karaoke Fever – We follow several contestants as they struggle through the ranks of local competitions in neighborhood bars to finally reach the glamorous, high-pressure finals, where their golden throats are finely-honed weapons in a winner-take-all battle for cash and a recording contract.

“F****d in the Face” – A cinematic melding of gay serial killer slasher flicks, “F****d in the Face” is the story of Henry Normal, a young gay man who is not having a good week.

Sounds like San Francisco is a good place to be right about now.

For more information, check out the website for San Francisco IndieFest.

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