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By Film Threat Staff | April 14, 2003

Microcinema International will present the APRIL SHOWERS EDITION of INDEPENDENT EXPOSURE, the monthly screening series of international independent short films and videos, on Monday, April 28th at the 111 Minna Gallery in downtown San Francisco. The program will feature highly visual short films and videos full of fresh creativity just in time for spring.
The eleven works included in the April 28th APRIL SHOWERS EDITION are:
“SUGAR-COATED GIRL” (DV animation) by Nyeland Newel, Alameda ^ “I LIKE BIRDS” (DV/After Effects) by Ramsel Ruiz, San Francisco, CA ^ “FILMS ON THE FILM” (Super-8mm/DV) by Chieko Taira, Japan ^ “LA DERNIERE VOIX” (THE CITY WITHOUT WINDOWS) (35mm) by Julien Fonfrede & Karim Hussain, Canada ^ “DUALITY” (BALANCE) (3D Animation) by Stephan Larson, MO ^ “CHAIN REACTION” (35mm) by Shavkat Karimov, VA ^ “ROOTS” (35mm/hand-drawn animation) by Baerbel Neubauer, Munich, Germany ^ “CLAM UP” (16mm) by Robert Todd, Boston, MA ^ “COLORDOG” (Hand-drawn/2D Animation) by Steve Belfer, Encino, CA ^ “FALLING IN” (DV) by Tina Gonsalves, Australia ^ and “LE GRAND TANGO” (35mm) by Pieter Jan Smit (The Netherlands).
Program also includes live Sitar music by John Arns!
For more information, visit the Microcinema website.

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