By Chris Gore | August 23, 1999

Mickey Blue Eyes is a romantic comedy starring that, uh, delicate British actor Hugh Grant. He plays a guy head over heels in love. Trouble is, this proper, upstanding Brit is about to marry into a mafia crime family. Father-in-law-to-be, James Caan seems to channel Sonny Corleone from “The Godfather” as he instructs Grant on the correct way to say “FUH-GET-ABOUD-IT”.
Now this is the kind of “romantic comedy” that would normally make me cringe. But you know what, Jeanne Tripplehorn is damn sexy in the lead, characters get killed off and there’s plenty of bloody violence and gunplay. I like this kind of “Romantic Comedy”! You know what, I didn’t hate it that much. It didn’t suck.
I love movies dealing with the mafia and this is an original twist on the genre. It’s kind of a “romantic comedy” for the boys, so Mickey Blue Eyes gets a mild recommendation.

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