Last week, you met “Mosh Bulb” from Men In Black II, Sony’s big summer movie. Now it’s time to shake hands with a little one-eyed monster known, fittingly, as “Eye Guy.”
The alien’s top-secret stats have just been released:
Name: Eye Guy ^ Earth Name: classified ^ Zone Restriction: Free Access ^ Age: Early 30’s ^ Height: 6’2” ^ Weight: 205 lbs. ^ Health: Medium ^ Armor: Medium ^ Speed: Medium ^ Bio Information: Eye Guy is one of the cunningly disguised aliens. He looks human in every respect, but can easily shed his human suit when he needs to use his real form. The aliens of Eye Guy’s race resemble giant centipedes with a single large eye on top of their head. This eye is capable of much more than any two human eyes put together. It can see in perfect darkness, in infrared and in magnetic frequencies. Eye Guy’s primary role has been that of a bodyguard, recently keeping an eye on Kay while he was working in the post office in Truro, Massachusetts. Eye Guy is one of the few aliens who have been authorized to carry weapons on Earth, and even more impressively, ones from the MIB arsenal. The many years of service that Eye Guy has given have made him a trusted friend to every agent.
As always, a new alien will be unleashed from the MIB II cage every week, so check back for the latest monster in a few days.
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