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By Chris Parcellin | November 20, 2003

As a B-movie starlet, Mia Zottoli is expected to regularly get involved in any number of tawdry encounters with her co-stars. In movies like “Hollywood Sins,” “Hollywood Madame,” “Naked Betrayal,” “Diary of Lust,” and the very swinging “Fast Lane To Vegas,” Zottoli (a.k.a. Ava Lake) puts her eye-poppin’ physical attributes to good use indeed. But she says she’s grown tired of the limitations of roles in flicks like “Scandal:” and “Sinful Temptations.” And, well, who the heck can blame her?

Zottoli sees herself more along the lines of a “sexy librarian” than just another mindless piece of bikini-clad eye candy. In fact, this brainy thespian is movin’ on up in the cinematic world with a role in the film “Rolling Kansas” which just played at Sundance. She’s trying to make the transition to meatier parts that showcase her acting chops rather than her jaw-dropping bod. And the statuesque brunette says her serious, all-business attitude comes in handy in the real world too, where no one has tried to pull any funny stuff with her when she’s gone in for an audition.

According to the actress, our society has gotten a little too naughty all-around and she prefers the more wholesome vibe found in classic films like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Her idols are people like Paul Newman and Sophia Loren who got the job done without resorting to the filthy stuff. Whether that means Zottoli’s not going to do any more flicks like “Animal Attraction III” or “Carnal Desires” remains to be seen, of course. She also appears to be a bit of a peacenik, and in this age of celebrities who largely play it safe and keep their traps shut about their political views—it’s nice to see that Zottoli isn’t afraid to speak up against the grim prospect of war.

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