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By Jim Agnew | February 23, 2004

“Memron” is a mockumentary about the dysfunctional employees of the troubled Memron Corporation. The film is an improvisational romp that pokes fun at corporate greed and the fall out from that greed.

It’s not hard to figure out who the target of “Memron” is, just drop the M and change the other M to an N. “Memron” centers on two groups, the CEO’s and the workforce. The CEO’s pass their days at club fed playing golf and fraternizing with the prison staff as the now out of work middle managers and assistants attempt to make sense of their suddenly uprooted lives.

In the spirit of like minded mockumentary’s the actors do their best to point out the absurdity and stupidity of the situation. What makes “Memron” memorable is the cast and their amazing improvisational skills. Director Nancy Hower gave the cast very little in way of a script and then let the actors run with their characters. Everyone from the CEO down the ranks all find a unique and funny way to exploit their own stupidity. Tim Bagley, Claire Forlani and Joey Slotnick all stand out as over the top Guestian type characters.

But that’s also the thing that hinders “Memron” the most. You get that been here, done that feeling while watching the film. There has been a slew of mockumentarys released over the last few years and as good as some of them are they still are stand in the long, large shadows of Christopher Guest and company.

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