Slamdance 2004 audience award winner for Best Feature Memron will screen at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on March 25th at 7:30pm.
In this improvisational comedy from writer/producer/director Nancy Hower (known as an actress from “Star Trek Voyager”), a group of former employees of the ruined MEMRON, once the most successful company in the world, attempt to rise from the ashes when greedy corporate thieves run it into the ground. Six ex-employees come up with a hare-brained scheme to sell quality air comparing it to the bottled water industry. Neurotics, dysfunctional families, vamps and obnoxious jerks are forced together to create a new company of their own in this look at what people have to do to survive! The ensemble cast includes Tim Bagley, Claire Forlani, Mary Pat Gleason and other former members of The Groundlings and other improvisational acting troupes. Produced by Robert Hickey and Evie Peck. Slamdance Audience Award Winner for Best Feature. Discussion following with cast & crew.
Slamdance short Crabwalk will also screen.

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