By Film Threat Staff | December 11, 2000

Who exactly were The Cockettes? As filmmakers David Weissman and Bill Weber reveal in their feature-length documentary “The Cockettes,” they were hippie cross-dressing drag actors with more than a wild streak: they made a film called “Tricia’s Wedding” in honor of Ms. Nixon’s then-forthcoming exchange of vows, and their production involved a transvestite bride, a drunk Mamie Eisenhower, and a drag Eartha Kitt spiking the punchbowl with LSD. For starters.
But maybe cult director John Waters put it best when he described The Cockettes as such: ^ [ “They were the first hip drag queens; insane hippie drag queens on and off the stage. But it was anarchy, true anarchy in the theater which is always a wonderful thing.” ]
But there’s even more to The Cockettes’ story, and their documentary tribute, and it can all be found at [ the filmmakers’ “Cockettes” site. ]

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