Melvin the Manatee and Sam the Clam have a simple, glittering dream. A dream shared by many fellow…creatures: to get a break (“make a splash”) in Tinseltown. Yes, there are obstacles to overcome, like really awful auditions and leeching Hollywood types, but that won’t stop this dynamic, wet duo.
[ The site ] documents the adventures of the sea-born pair as they seek stardom. Of course, you can also check out the statistical comparison between Sammy Davis, Jr. and Sam the Clam that just may prove they’re the same person (since they both prefer blondes.) OR, lay out a few clams (!) of your own and bet on who would win in a brawl between Melvin the Manatee and Barney, the 6’2″ beast who sports a whip-like tail and the ability to rhyme “me” and “family”. Hurry, before they dehydrate or the site gets shut down.

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