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By Christopher Curry | May 10, 2006

Corn-fed cutie Jessie Bell accidently smashes her vehicle into a papier mache cow. She then finds herself within the confines of Meetweed Manor after being chased by an inbred oaf who hollers something about “…the curse of the purple cow!” Three female thugs, calling themselves The Hells Belles, murder one of their teachers and also find their way to Meetweed Manor.

From this point Lord Meetweed gives a tour of his most unusual grounds which are splashed in bright gaudy colors and rebel flags. His staff includes: a pistol toting transvestite who rubs his privates a lot and shoots a rocket out of his a*s, Missus Meat Bone the voodoo priestess, Go-Go-Rilla the piano pounding primate, humongous kitchen knives that get it on and a Priest with a flamethrower.

Lord Meetweed cultivates a crop known as Meat Weed that’s part vegetation and part human flesh. Meat Weed is supposed to be the best smoke around, but after prolonged usage (one toke) it drives its consumers mad. Of course the girls are unaware of the ingredients or its extreme mind-altering abilities and immediately get stoned. Once high the Hells Belles launch into some lesbian action and then later a pool side wet towel fight. It’s hot at Meetweed Manor and the girls beat the heat by staying naked from top to bottom.

Bullpucky, a man in a cow suit with jeans and a leather jacket, kills off the girls one by one. At the hooves of the benevolent man-cow the first is decapitated, and the other two are disemboweled and more papier mache not-so-special-effects are employed here. But just who is this strange creature called Bullpucky?

Jessie Bell finds out, in a flashback, that she is the reincarnated Jezebel Meetweed who, many years ago, copulated with a cow – the purple cow, and gave birth to a half man – half beast. Jessie Bell’s accident at the beginning of the film has brought Bullpucky back from beyond and the only way to stop his murdering spree is for Jessie to marry him, or so Lord Meetweed would have her believe. So now there’s a b********y angle along with some incest as Lord Meetweed points out that Bullpucky is Jessie Bell’s son. Naturally Jessie Bell has no intention of marrying her offspring, cow or not, and disposes of Bullpucky once and for all. Or does she?

“Meat Weed Madness” is a curious fusion of “Alice in Wonderland”, “Reefer Madness” and Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Two Thousand Maniacs”. It’s shot directly onto video and contains lots of gore, bizarre situations and female nudity. It’s not particularly funny or gross or sexy, but it was gratifying in some sort of weird way.

Troma released this with director Aiden Dillard’s short feature “Battle of the Burps and Farts” which Lloyd Kaufman claims was a high-point at Tromadance 2004.

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