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By Chris Gore | June 17, 2001

What if the dark, totalitarian world portrayed in George Orwell’s novel “1984” actually happened and one of the citizens was overjoyed? Okay, beyond overjoyed, euphoric at the thought of having an all-seeing leader rule over every aspect of his life. That’s the premise behind “Me and the Big Guy” a hysterical short from Matt Nix and Max Stubblefield.
Citizen number 43275-B walks into his prison-like apartment like a faithful husband arriving home to his loving wife and begins conversing with the menacing image of Big Brother on his telescreen. 43275-B is so happy to be home just to see “the Big Guy” that he recounts every detail of his day at work, laughing up a storm. After what must seem like hours, “the Big Guy” who never talks back, finally turns to 43275-B and tells him to shut up. It’s goofball ridiculous fun that works because of the hilarious performances of 43275-B by Matt Naughton and Big Brother, played by Dan Kern. Hey, perhaps a totalitarian dictatorship is not all that bad?

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