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By Film Threat Staff | October 10, 2000

McFarlane Toys have always been at the forefront of meticulously well-made and breathtaking film-to-figure creations — see the recent “Sleepy Hollow” and “Yellow Submarine” collections as evidence. Now, word has it that 2001 will mark the year that science fiction and art fans the world over will rejoice, as McFarlane may release a new series of H.R. Giger-inspired figures.
The initial plans for the collection have 4 new figures slated for production. Giger, a Swiss surrealist artist whose images celebrate the horrific and erotic, has contributed to and inspired the art of over 20 films, including “Alien,” “Alien3,” “Batman Forever” and “Species”.
The new additions could hit shelves as early as Spring 2001. For the latest developments, and the rest of McFarlane’s unique world, go to [ the official Spawn/Todd McFarlane website. ]

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