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By Eric Campos | July 9, 2002

Now this is the motel that I’ve been dreaming of staying in my entire life – a place where every single room is filled with the most perverted fun you would ever want slapped across your bare a*s. “Mayhem Motel” is the kinda place that David Lynch and John Waters would open if they ever decided to create some unholy alliance.
There’s no real story to massage your diseased guns on here, but rather a slew of twisted situations, well devised twisted situations, which occur within this hotel that looks to exist on the outskirts of the ever lovely city of Los Angeles. These twisted situations involve occasional reoccurring characters like a hooker who seems to always be on the receiving end of a spanking fetish and a disgusting pig who knows the ins and outs of Donkey Punches and Dirty Sanchez’s and who also stars in an actual bathtub puking scene.
Nowadays, we see a lot of filmmakers trying their hand at being edgy by throwing in heavy handedly mean spirited and crude material into their films because other filmmakers have been successful in doing so, but the difference is that these successful filmmakers have the talent to control their material, the other filmmakers, with their ham-handed attempts at being edgy are POSERS! In this case, director Karl Kempter is the furthest thing from a poser, he’s the real deal. Kempter won’t only show you a dead rat, but he’ll put a dress on it, ram a stick up its a*s and give you a puppet show. Now that’s talent.
By watching this film, I get the impression that Karl Kempter was the kind of guy who was cool to hang out with during junior high because he knew all the funniest ways to crank call people, he knew just where his dad’s porn stash was and wasn’t afraid to share and his mom always had an over abundance of eggs on hand so that there was plenty of ammunition for the church across the street. Yep, I bet Karl was a pretty damn swell guy and he still is.

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