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By Dean Edward | April 5, 2003

Funny little time killer has the benefit of O’Halloran, famous in indieville for his recurring role as Dante Hicks in the Kevin Smith films Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Deadpan and wearing a wickedly bad ponytail, O’Halloran is a treat.
The story: a recent emigrant named Tunde (Collins) is struggling with the English language and dismayed to find that he can’t find work without it. One day, he spies an ad for THE SECRETS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The video he watches makes up the remainder of the film, a series of blackout sketches reminiscent of that classic John Cleese film “How to Annoy People”. Oily pitchman O’Halloran, using everyman John (Friedman) as his example, illustrates the dangers of the word “maybe.”
Is it safe to say maybe when the girl you are living with asks you if you love her? What about if you screw up a presentation for a major client, and the client asks if you should be paid for your services? Does that pitbull sitting in the middle of the street bite? All of these situations are presented, with surprising results.
Director Nelson has made a very professional short, entertaining and slick. I enjoyed all of the actors, particularly old favorite O’Halloran, but Collins as the smiling but basically uncomprehending Tunde is also a lot of fun. Friedman as the hapless John has some very funny reactions, particularly in the meeting where nothing goes right.

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