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By Michael Ferraro | July 5, 2006

Since I wrote that entry entitled, “I Know Who Killed Chris Farley,” debate about the subject has entered my life more than I ever thought possible. One of my good friends called me up the day after it posted and told me that I hit the nail on the head about Farley. A lot of my other friends, people who actually had a copy of either Black Sheep or Tommy Boy on the shelf, also decided to give me a phone call.

“Dude, I am not stupid. I just think it’s funny… and you’re wrong about Nacho Libre, that movie was pretty funny too.”

These are my friends. I can’t make fun of them or wish destruction to their person.

My friend, Da Mayor, also brought it up the other day while I was at his house enjoying some fine beverages.

“Did you ever see that SNL skit with Farley where he is interviewing Paul McCartney?”

I have not. SNL hasn’t really done it for me in a really long time. So we walk inside the house and he pulls out that big SNL 25 Years of Music DVD set.

“Check this out.”

I don’t expect too much, since it is Farley, but I watch with an open and clear mind, free of any bias.

The segment was called, “The Chris Farley Show,” and it had Farley as the host of a simple entertainment television show. His guest was former Beatle, Paul McCartney, and he played the host as a sort of geeked out fanboy, along the lines of a Kevin Smith fan from Hell. He was just as excited as he was nervous to be around McCartney as any other Beatle fan. It was actually quite amusing. Then he started asking questions.

“Do you remember when you were in The Beatles?”


This is the only thing I have ever seen Farley do that didn’t require a piece of furniture to be torn apart or a small jacket getting ripped to shreds. And it was funny. And I am not a Beatles fan in the least. I could care less if they ever existed.

Since I’ve seen this skit, I’ve asked every person I know, who owns Tommy Boy, if they had ever seen this skit. All have replied no so far. How can the only thing humorous that Farley ever did, slipped by his so-called fans so easily?

It’s an amazing world we live in today. And while I can admit that I might have been wrong about Farley using his fat to garner laughter, I wouldn’t say I was wrong entirely based on this one occurence. He still didn’t do it too often. My statement stands, his fans killed him. And maybe, just maybe, if more had seen this skit and appreciated it, he might of chose to do stuff like that more often, instead of coke and prostitutes.

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  3. Will says:

    You are f*****g retarded.

  4. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    The entire illustration is hilarious.

  5. YiQi says:

    i like your interpretation of Paul McCartney’s mouth.

  6. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    I know. I think it was really his only funny sketches, and there were only about three or four of them.

    I think Lorne Michaels loved the smashing, screaming Farley, so he never really let Chris focus more on his bumbling ineptitude and we never saw more of those sketches again.

    It’s a shame, there were so many possibilities for it, and they were hilarious.

  7. Michael Ferraro says:

    It’s amazing. He could have been funny. But instead, he let the people laughing at his fat ruin his world.

  8. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    I forgot about that! That skit was hilarious! I remember the scorsese interview.

    “R-Remember, uh, the last temptation of christ?”
    “That was cool.”
    “Thank you.”
    “And, uh, r-remember when Jesus turns that table over?”
    “Did you make that up?”
    “Uh–no, no that was in the bible.”
    “Oh yeah… stupid! stupid!”

  9. Mark Bell says:

    Remember that post you wrote about Chris Farley?

    Th-th-that was awesome!

    Um… remem-remember that… STUPID! *hits self in head*

    I know Farley well from his SNL days…

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