By admin | January 20, 2006

If you saw the last story in “Nine Lives” featuring Glenn Close and Dakota Fanning, then you know right off how “Max and Josh” works, familiar feelings, with the only exceptions being the limousine setting and two men (Hill Harper and Wayne Federman) having been friends for what seems like years, based on how they talk and their lives as they sit at those moments. Max is the semi-conservative one, dressed in a black suit, always armed with the facts. Josh, in short sleeves and forever holding a football, analyzes the phrase “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” and wonders if masturbation is actual homosexual lovemaking because even though it’s your hand; it’s still your hand, whether you’re a man or woman. He never extrapolates on what that says for dildos. Opposites do attract between these two friends and they have certainly developed their own rapport. Both Federman and Harper wrote the screenplay, along with director Kathryn Ann Busby and it’s a rollicking conversation, with the ending just as creative as Rodrigo Garcia made his.

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