7th Planet Productions will be releasing Mau Mau Sex Sex on DVD, October 7.
“Mau Mau Sex Sex” is a celebration of “America’s Oldest Living Independent Filmmakers”: 84-year-old Dan Sonney and 76-year-old David Friedman, masters of the hugely profitable but morally marginalized world of exploitation cinema. Friedman, a “carny” from Alabama who dropped a Paramount paycheck to pursue his renegade career, and Sonney, whose father gave up a career in law enforcement to become the nation’s leading purveyor of cinema sleaze, enjoyed a long association and remarkable friendship, which they discuss with eye-opening candor and hilarious good humor. Spanning the 1930s through the late 1960s, the movie combines the latest digital technology and extensive film clips (including such classics as “Blood Feast” and “The Defilers”) to present a kaleidoscopic take on a loopy, sex-mad society – and two cagey operators who knew how to exploit it with an endless supply of wonderfully deranged and slightly naughty movies designed strictly for the grindhouse theaters that catered to an “adults only” audience.
When it was theatrically released in 2001, “Mau Mau Sex Sex” made history as the first commercial feature to be independently distributed and shown digitally on DVD in theaters across North America. It has played in many cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Portland (OR), Providence and Austin, and also across Canada, Europe, and Australia. When the “Mau Mau Sex Sex” trailer debuted online, it became the most popular documentary attraction on iFilm.com, with over 400,000 viewings.
The DVD edition of “Mau Mau Sex Sex” includes bonus features including a wild and hilarious collection of original exploitation film trailers, a special photo album of rare exploitation poster art and promotional materials, audio commentaries by Dan Sonney, David Friedman, filmmaker Ted Bonnitt and writer Eddie Muller, samples of the film’s original soundtrack, and filmographies of Dan Sonney and David Friedman.

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