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By Michael Ferraro | January 29, 2006

As promised, a pictorial examination of my first trip to Sundance. Firstly, here is a picture of Chris Gore in the kitchen of our wonderful condo, wearing a T-shirt that supports all of Virginia… or am I getting confused with something else?


Next, here I am kicking it with director Tamra Davis (Billy Madison, Half Baked), who was there supporting her new short, Conversations with Basquiat. She may have also been there supporting her husband, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, who was there for his concert film, the brilliant Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That!


After that, I ran into Morgan Spurlock; one of the nicest people on the planet.


Director Sandhya Suri was there supporting her wonderful documentary, I For India.


Sadly, you can see the gum I was chewing creeping out the side of my mouth in that picture. My last night there, I headed to the Queer Lounge where I bumped into political firecracker Robert Baer. Wait, or is that Film Threat’s own firecracker, Pete Vonder Haar?


At this same party, Pete and I met up with some of the Rotten Tomatoes crew. I met with the sinister Senh Duong and rapped about film with Tim Ryan (Pictured). At the time the flash of the camera took hold, a snow flake fell in front of my nose, making it look like a tissue is needed. I also took a journey with the wonderful Jen Yamato (pictured) through a pink-lit room with slim guys dancing in “man-tees” with zippers to unleash their goods. I have no idea why Senh is missing from these pictures.



Now for the infamous Matt Dillon story. It was Monday night, Gore, Campos and I met up at the Cadillac lounge. We hung there for a bit, drank some brews, and chit chatted. Someone pointed out to me that Matt Dillon was in the room. Being the Over the Edge fan that I am (f**k The Outsiders, this is where it’s at), I decided to walk up to him and let him know how big a fan I was of him. He had other plans for me though.

I walk to his area and make sure he isn’t involved in any conversation. After a few seconds, he wasn’t, so I walked up to him and said, “Hey…”

He looked at me with his Crash face. He looked down to see my Sundance Press Pass, noticed that I was indeed with press, then looked back up into my eyes. He responded with a single monosyllabic word that will stay with me forever.

“….No,” said Matt Dillon.

He said, “No.” I started to chuckle and walked away. I guess I sort of understand his reasoning for turning me away so simply. There are a lot of tourist that run rampant in Park City looking for any celebrity they can find to take a picture of, just so they can show off these sitings to other passengers on the busses. I didn’t have a camera in my hand though. In fact, I had nothing with me whatsoever.

Mike Ferraro: Hey…

Matt Dillon: …No.

Other celebrity spottings: Roger Ebert was in attendance of the Eve and the Fire Horse screening I attended; Robert Redford stood next to me at the Yarrow while I drank a Coke, and I swear I think I may have rode a bus with Peter Sarsgaard, but I am not positive.

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