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By Eric Campos | March 6, 2003

Nothing like a good, aged educational film to brighten my day. I love them all…“Shake Hands With Danger,” “DSL is LSD Spelled Backwards”…all that s**t. And given my inclination to usually frown upon mockumentaries (mostly because a documentary would’ve provided a more entertaining watch), you’d think that I would absolutely just have to wipe my a*s with this here faux educational film on everyone’s favorite pastime – masturbation. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was laughing too hard.
With all of the bizarre sex ed films that have been created, I’m sure there are several out there that exist solely to train the uninitiated in the way of the wank and I’m absolutely certain that every single one of them is a certified gut-buster. So why make a fake one? Well, this film not only takes the subject matter and blows it totally out of proportion, but it also gives the extremely h***y some McGuyver like tips in spicing up their “love life.” It also helps that the filmmakers have an infectious sense of humor. Now excuse me, I have to go f**k a boiled cucumber.

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