By Chris Parcellin | February 2, 2001

Max (Shaz Bennett) is a waitress in a dingy bar, where she serves drinks to fat, old drunks. The two main attractions at the establishment are her big breasts — which are on prominent display in the skimpy top she’s required to wear on the job. Tiring of the constant (self-invited) sexual harassment she faces from the bar’s patrons, she has a brainstorm. She spikes customers’ drinks with a concoction that is supposedly given to child molesters to make them impotent. The men all lose their sex drives and the bar’s business drops off. The bar owner says he’s going to have to let her go, but he can get her a job at a bar that’s frequented by college fratboys. Max looks into the camera with a self-satisfied smirk.
Bennett’s big rack is definitely fun to stare at, but the film itself isn’t all that funny. And the lead character’s logic that somehow she’s right to resent guys that want to gawk at her in the slutty halter top she wears to make big tips is hard to swallow. Although some feminist ballbuster, like Gloria Steinem, might give it high marks.

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