By Admin | March 30, 2007

INT. HOTEL ROOM IN AUSTIN TX.,-NIGHT: Film Threat writers sit around watching screeners and drinking beer. A key turns in the door and a HANDSOME MAN walks in, clearly moved by something.

HANDSOME MAN: Dude. I just saw Eli Roth’s fake “Grindhouse” trailer and there’s no way anyone will ever see it again until a special DVD release!

“HANDSOME MAN,” (ie; Mark Bell) then pops a Lone Star Light tall boy and tells a wicked tale of cannibalism, cheerleading knifery and orifice’s meeting said knife…on a trampoline. Fellow Film Threat writers groaned audibly, knowing they missed it before grabbing more beer and lamenting the fact they’d never see Eli Roth’s trailer for “Grindhouse.”

Till now… Find it at This Site or watch it at Film Threat>>>

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