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By Mark Bell | July 6, 2014

Charlie Sporns’ short film, Margie: A Retirement Tale, is a cute look at the potential sexual frustrations of those approaching the twilight of their lives. Margie (Veronica Bloom) is feeling frisky, but she doesn’t know how to even start the conversation to see if hubby Hank (Herb Astrow) might be up for some under the covers fun. To his part, beyond a skin mag Margie finds in his files, Hank’s libido seems to have shut off. Frustrated, Margie decides to call a phone sex line in the hopes of learning a thing or two.

It’s a short film, so the fact that it has such a simple premise is to its benefit. The filmmakers don’t overstay their welcome, allowing a nice, stable ramp-up to the film’s hilarious conclusion. Sure, it might be a bit too saccharine sweet for some tastes, as it wears its heart on its sleeve, but it is entertaining. It does its job.

Likewise, its technical elements are up to snuff. There’s no fancy camerawork or stylistic editing; again, it’s a simple premise, and the film sticks with a simple presentation. Everything is balanced, the result straightforward.

Ultimately, Margie: A Retirement Tale is a competent bit of filmmaking. I doesn’t really make a case for itself being exceptional in any way, but it is never unpleasant. It’s just a solid short film that properly executes its premise.

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