THE LATEST INSTALLMENT IN FILM THREAT’S INVESTIGATION INTO SONY’S PHONY FILM CRITIC DAVID MANNING. Not since “Anonymous” or “Unknown” has a writer so captured the attention of readers around the world. Not many writers could relate as well to “Hollow Man” or were brave enough to make a case for “The Animal”. In light of the recent revelation by Sony Pictures that David Manning, “Film Critic” for the Ridgefield Press, was indeed a creation of their advertising department, Film Threat’s ever-diligent researchers have unearthed several more quotes by this controversial writer.
“The best Martin Lawrence film this week.” – Manning on “What’s the Worst that Could Happen”
“The ‘Citizen Kane’ of Paul Hogan films.” – Manning on “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles”
“Ridgefield is in Connecticut?” – Manning on the paper he writes for – The Ridgefield Press.
“He is as real as you and I, damn it! – or at least as real as me. ” – Manning on “A.I.”
“I was surprised by the ending as the person who created me did not give me any knowledge of history.” – Manning on “Pearl Harbor”
“Tom Hanks may just be this generation’s Tom Hanks” – Manning on “Cast Away”
“Even better than ‘Battlefield Earth’ was”.- Manning on “Swordfish”
“Who knew all those songs were actually written by one guy in 1900.” Manning on “Moulin Rouge”
“I wish I could have been an animated character instead of a concocted film critic.” – Manning on “Shrek”
“The funniest, talkinest animals since the Son of Sam.” – Manning on “Dr. Doolittle 2”
“I still don’t understand how Nixon fits into all of this.” – Manning on “Deep Throat”
“My absolute favorite filmmaker.” – Manning on Alan Smithee
“Two imaginary thumbs up.” – Manning during his guest spot with Ebert.
“I wish I was fabricated early enough to have seen it.” – Manning on every movie ever made.
“I am going out drinking with Hary Knowles and Jeff Craig.” – Manning on his plans for the weekend.
Phony quotes provided by Thom Bennett. Of course, plenty of phony quotes were provided by Sony as well, but who’s really keeping track?
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