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By Doug Brunell | September 18, 2002

Becca (Suzanne Sole) and Todd (Mickey Maxwell) are “mavericks” of the theatre. They are the first ever dancing set changers. What next? Revolutionary hot dog vendors?
This little fake personality profile is supposed to be humorous, and maybe it is to theatre people. To the thinkers of the world, however, theatre is still a dinosaur that hasn’t produced anything truly sensational since … well, I can’t remember when the last time anything worth watching has come from the theatre, and this short film doesn’t change that.
The entire concept of dancing set changers, while plausible in its absurdity, just isn’t worth viewing. Yeah, they’re bad dancers and that’s funny. Yes, it’s kind of amusing that the regular set changers are pissed because set changing was the last masculine job in theatre. So what? The film is still boring. If you want to watch something this preposterous that is truly funny, check out that short piece on synchronized swimming that Martin Short and Harry Shearer did on “Saturday Night Live” years ago. That took a bland subject and actually made it freakin’ hilarious.
Unless the next film these people are involved with is in the Mexican snuff genre, I don’t want to see it.

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