A trip over to [ ] leaves little question as to what the site’s M.O. is. First up is a clean and well-written section for Film, with the latest reviews highlighting Lars Von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark” and the up-and-comer “Girlfight”. In the Music, Fashion, and Babes areas, the newest and best sounds, designers, and fine, um, thespians, share equal footing and space: FMFB likes to emphasize the equality between all the little kingdoms in the entertainment empire.
But FMFB doesn’t stop at reviews and handy images…they’re also plotting to become a bonified resource and networking site for those in the industry. After all, filmmakers always need actors to play the parts, music to set the mood, and designers to clothe the lot. This new entertainment community also has big plans for a FMFB Film Festival, to be unveiled in New York in 2001. Until then, [ ] is a unique, clean resource for what matters most in entertainment.

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