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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 20, 2007

Rosenblum’s “Magnetic Poles” is an oddly familiar bit of romance drama about couples, dead end relationships, and the like, all of which we’ve really seen time and time again. The “been there, done that” vibe is hard to ignore once you begin “Magnetic Poles” and gladly Rosenblum breaks free from the doldrums of the typical conventions required for this sort of genre piece and turns it into something different altogether. One of the highlights of “Magnetic Poles” is the very sympathetic performance by the charming and very pretty Marjie Gum, who plays Sonia, a self-absorbed, and self-conscious woman seeking to propel her current relationship with as much might as possible, while everyone else’s successful relationships don’t really require much work.

She even comes across an old boyfriend getting married, and sets out on a mission to rejuvenate the chemistry between her and her boyfriend. She’s intent on turning her loveless relationship into an ideal dream pairing, and it’s pretty clear from the get go that it’s anything but. Gum keeps the character Sonia grounded and turns what could be a basically cliché shrewish character, into a person we can connect to. She wants her relationship to work, but sadly can’t comprise any dream cures for what is undoubtedly the end, in what she’s invested in.

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