“Magical Mystery Tour,” the Beatles’ 1967 musical, will have a rare screening on Tuesday, October 3, at 9pm at New York’s Siberia Bar, located inside the downtown side of #1-9 subway station at 50th Street and Broadway. Admission for this one-time screening is free.
“Magical Mystery Tour” was The Beatles’ first and only attempt at creating a feature film. The largely-improvised “Magical Mystery Tour” finds the Fab Four on a bus with a group of zany day-trippers who enjoy a highly unlikely series of adventures, with stops along the way for classic tunes including “I am the Walrus” and “Fool on the Hill.” Originally condemned by critics as a fiasco when it was first broadcast on the BBC (the fury of the negative reviews caused NBC to cancel a $1,000,000 offer to acquire the title for US broadcast), “Magical Mystery Tour” has since taken on a second life as a psychedelic cult film which encapsulated the mood and madness of that era.

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