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By Merle Bertrand | August 19, 2001

A group of terrorists and thugs from S.N.A.T.C.H. has plans to strike at a William Shatner Fan Club convention. Meanwhile, MacGuyer (Alex Scharf) and his fellow doughnut eating cops from the 69th Precinct must intervene to save the day.
S.N.A.T.C.H. Shatner jokes. Cops eating doughnuts. 69th Precinct. This is the level of sophistication at which directors Alex Scharf, R. Ramiere, and D. Storey are operating. Set the bar low enough and even a cockroach can climb over it.
“MacGuyer PD Blue” is an appallingly bad and obnoxious waste of time; one whose creativity stops immediately after its creators came up with the title. It’s really nothing more than a bunch of bored kids with too much time on their hands screwing around with a video camera. You can see them laughing during their “performances,” for heaven’s sake. Yes, it’s better that they amuse themselves making terrible videos than doing drugs, but why subject everyone else to it? After all, if they can’t even take what they’re doing seriously, why should we?
This feeble-minded stab at parody relies on only one gimmick other than bad puns — see the title and note character names like “E. Coli” and “Schick Tracer” — and that is the irritating shaky-cam photography so abused to nausea-inducing perfection in “NYPD Blue.” Or maybe that’s just crappy videography we’re looking at.
Either way, “MacGuyer PD Blue” is a horrendous waste of seventeen minutes; one that even the “real” MacGuyver couldn’t patch up with all the bubble gum and baling wire in the world.

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