By Chris Gore | October 20, 2001

“Luminarias” is a romantic comedy focusing on four Latina women looking for love in Los Angeles. “Luminarias” is also the name of their favorite eastside club and a great place to meet single muchachos. When Andrea, Irene, Sofia and Lilly meet the talk always turns to their troubles with men. The story focuses on Andrea, a successful attorney who is newly divorced and not quite ready for a relationship. Even though Andrea doesn’t like White guys, she goes on a blind date with a Jewish lawyer played by Scott Bakula who ends up charming her.
We follow each woman’s search for love and struggles with prejudice in a city as racially diverse as Los Angeles. The film includes a solid cast that includes Evelina Fernandez, Robert Beltrane who plays Chakotay on Star Trek Voyager and my old favorite, Cheech Marin. Love that guy! This is a fresh romantic comedy with a lot of heart that takes chances by discussing everything from interracial dating, to Latino self-hate to white men’s penises. Luminarias is a perfect film for middle-aged, single Latina women living in Los Angeles. So, clearly, “Luminarias” is not for me, and in spite of that, I found it really funny, smart and sweet. I enjoyed it.

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