LUCAS' "THX 1138: THE ELECTRONIC LABRYNTH" ON THE WEB Image has teamed up with Atom Films, one of the Web’s top film, animation and entertainment sites, to bring the neophyte Lucas offering “THX 1138: The Electronic Labrynth” to computer screens eveywhere.
Science fiction and film buffs alike know that “Electronic Labrynth” marked the directorial debut of then-fledgling filmmaker George Lucas. The short is a 15-minute story chronicling a man’s frenzied attempts to escape a nightmarish world where technology watches his every move.
Prior to this agreement, “Electronic Labrynth” was only broadcast on the Sci Fi Channel. Beginning [ September 1st, 2000 ] , will house the fabled short for 2 months, along with other Atom Films selections. Visit the sites at [ Atom Films ] and [ www.Galaxy Online. ]

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