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By Film Threat Staff | October 11, 2000

Houston glows a little brighter on the Texas cultural radar thanks to the always-interesting schedule at the Aurora Picture Show, kindly known as “the church building where they show cool movies.” But, Houston is also on the map thanks to a thriving lowrider culture. Every weekend, the Latino communities of the area do the cruise and show off the grinding moves that their cars, often stunning candy-colored and chrome gems, can pull thanks to a few well-placed hydraulics.
This unique sub-culture has been caught on film, and on the weekend of [ October 21st through the 22nd, ] the Aurora Picture Show gives the low-down on lowriders with their “Lo and Slo: A Lowrider Video Happening” event. Curated by area expert Carlos Calbillo, the videos range from a documentary on the lowrider movement to classic footage of the cars doing what they do best — bounce, pop, and shake.
For more on this Aurora screening, and their schedule of events, see the [ the official Aurora Picture Show website. ]

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