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By Mark Bell | July 5, 2013

Jack (Kevin White) has driven Mindy (Kathleen Weber) up to Lover’s Lookout to ask for her hand in marriage. As he pops the big question, the couple come under siege by the machine gun-toting Debra (Marcy Ann Wiegert). An ex-girlfriend of Jack’s, who is having trouble understanding that they’re no longer together, Debra is out for bloody satisfaction. And she’d probably get it, but Jack is armed too.

Adam Huber’s Lover’s Lookout is what I imagine a John Woo-directed romantic comedy would look like, if he knew he was parodying himself. The short perfectly apes action movie shots and tropes (so many bullets, so little aim), turning a routine, though potentially emotional, situation into something violently nightmarish, but fun. I mean, it’s so over-the-top absurd, it becomes hilarious. The synth score alone made me giggle.

If you’re looking for some grand plot or message, this isn’t the place to look. This is about making a simple moment into an action film, and Lover’s Lookout does it better than many full-length action films do. Sure, it’s really a one joke effort, but it’s also a very short film that knows what it is and what it is doing.

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