By admin | January 3, 2004

“Love Tricycle” is a tale that centers on a world where ‘bikes’ are the citizens and “BMX Bandits” is such a popular film, it spawned a sequel and it is currently playing at the town’s cinema. The town of course, called Rimside, and three of its citizens (again, they’re bicycles) find themselves entangled in a love triangle where tires squeal and spokes get tousled.

Wait, when I said that the characters were bikes, you weren’t picturing people dressed up as bikes did you? Sorry about that fine reader, “Love Tricycle” is a computer animated piece. According to the production notes, it is the debut film from Andrew Goode and for a first-timer, it is a damn fine one at that. It is very reminiscent of those short Pixar pieces you find at the beginning of their films both in humor and in visual style.

Bec and “dog” (really, it’s a skateboard) Ollie are riding around the town happily enjoying their day when what appears to an ex-boyfriend of hers shows up with some flowers, attempting to redeem himself from an argument. Bec wants no part of it though, and Harley (the ex) storms of furiously. Another guy, um bike, notices Bec’s beautifully smooth handlebars, and the two become extremely friendly. A dispute occurs of course, between the ex-handlebar and the new kickstand, and only the strong can ride home with Bec.

Taking a typical storyline and infusing it with so many unique details (with both its animation and humor), “Love Tricycle” is a fun and amusing tale that showcases Andrew Goode’s fine animation skill and ability to tell a story.

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