By Admin | September 6, 1999

With a cast of such notables as French Stewart (T.V.’s 3rd Rock from the Sun), Bridgette Wilson (“Real Blonde”, “Nixon”), Tyra Banks and one of the most unlikable “humorists” in the history of MTV … Bill Bellamy, “Love Stinks” manages to be even worse than expected. It is another one of those “wacky” comedies that is heavy on the wacky and light on the comedy. It claims to be funny, in fact, it does so with an unrivaled arrogance and unfortunately achieves the exact opposite.
While there are a few set pieces that draw a smile, the words “rude”, “ridiculous” and “tired” come to mind when trying to explain the depths to which “Stinks” travels to get a laugh. Do not misunderstand, comedy in poor taste is not necassarily a bad thing. In fact, the Farrelly Brothers have been extremely successful at utilizing the gross and obscene, but the central theme of the characters involved must be absorbing or at least interesting enough to make the viewer overlook the absurdity being presented. This is where writer/director Franklin comes up short, for it is this lack of likable, or at least interesting characters that otherwise could have saved a sub-par script.
“Love Stinks” is being marketed as an “un-romantic” romantic comedy … add in the word “unfunny” and this phrase will ring true.

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