By admin | May 3, 2004

From the very first day, I knew that the Real Dolls were a bad idea. You know, the sex dolls that look more like dead bodies rather than “normal” mating companions. Yeah, go ahead and give sexually repressed hermits everywhere a reason to become just that more strange.
Enter Kenneth. Kenneth is one such weirdo. He works in a cold, stuffy office as a technical writer by day and barricades himself in his apartment at night. He’s scared shitless of people and this makes for an obvious grim perspective on sex for the poor guy. A trip to the porn store proves so as, through his perspective, it’s shown to be a dark, eerie place filled with instruments of pain, seedy people…and a shopkeeper that looks very much like the Elephant Man.
But things turn around for Kenneth as he is introduced to a website that sells lifelike sex dolls. He breaks his bank and orders one that closely resembles a girl, Lisa, he has a crush on at work, but doesn’t have the balls to do anything about. The doll finally arrives and Kenneth wines, dines, talks, and yes, screws it as if it were Lisa. As his relationship with the doll builds, Kenneth finds himself being able to open up to Lisa at work and they finally end up building a relationship, leaving the sex doll in the dust. Problem is that the doll has taken over Kenneth’s brain and the s**t starts hitting the fan.
This is a great little thriller with some genuinely creepy moments. I even found myself shocked at certain points because I couldn’t believe how far things were getting out of control. Very cool. The entire cast is great too, especially Rip Torn as Kenneth’s slave-driving boss and Udo Kier as the nosey, perverted apartment manager.
If you happen to be toying with the idea of purchasing a Real Doll, you might want to check this film out first…just to see what you may be getting in to.

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