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LOVE @ 11:47

By Admin | February 12, 2004

I didn’t like Amir Motlagh’s Dino Adino, and I feel about the same when it comes to this work of underachievement. It is a pointless short film that never really goes anywhere with characters who do nothing more than mumble to themselves about lost love and crackers, contemplate suicide and m********e.

I can look out my window and see that on any given day of the week.

Despite my dislike of Motlagh’s film, I am beginning to sense something in this writer/director. He has a spark. There is creativity and a twisted sense of life that is just waiting to erupt in a full-fledged spectacular. Motlagh also has a dark edge, but he hasn’t really explored it to its fullest potential yet, though he is getting there. When he finally decides to really dig deep and make a cohesive piece of work, it will take viewers by storm.

I don’t want to discourage this man. In fact, I’m interested in seeing everything he does because I don’t want to miss the explosion. “Dino Adino” was a waste of time, and “Love @ 11:47” is equally wasteful, but the event horizon is approaching, and I want to be front and center for it.

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