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By Eric Campos | December 10, 2005

This week’s entry in “what the f**k?” cinema comes from Damon Packard. His brand new short starts out as a “Hearts of Darkness” like documentary (even featuring soundbites from a frustrated Francis Ford Coppola) on the making of what’s to be a collaborative film project between Packard, an art professor, an art therapist and a performance artist. Together these people gather at a studio in New York to figure out just what it is they’re going to do for this project. Undecided, uninspired and just plain miserable, the group members can do nothing else but stare at one another…until Packard offers up a suggestion and that is to make something he’s always wanted to do – “Halloween 3 ½ “ . And so we’re taken into this project as Packard is chased through the streets by the evil clones from “Halloween 3”. And of course, the whole thing spirals way out of control, leaving Packard’s partners in art feeling that they’re a butt of a joke, but not before Jor-El comes along to offer some words of wisdom.

Yep, this is prime Packard insanity. The kind of insanity that’s both scary and funny at the same time. Fans of Reflections of Evil will not want to miss this. I’m at a loss to explain this one any further.

Go ahead and talk to Damon Packard at!

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