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By Film Threat Staff | March 14, 2001

Here’s the official press release about the line-up of films playing at the newly named LAFF: ^ The Independent Feature Project/West Los Angeles Film Festival, April 20-28, 2001, has announced 36 feature films selected for the 2001 event. Over nine days, 21 World Premieres, 2 North American Premieres, 3 U.S. Premieres, and 8 West Coast Premieres will play at the Directors Guild of America, Harmony Gold, Laemmle Sunset 5, and the Los Angeles Film School. The Festival will also present Centerpiece Premieres, as well as High School Shorts, Music Video screenings, seminars on digital filmmaking, and the annual Craft and Close-Up Series.
The Opening Night film and Gala will be on April 20, at the Directors Guild of America. The Closing Night film on April 28, will be the West Coast Premiere of Allison Anders¹s THINGS BEHIND THE SUN. The film chronicles a music journalist dispatched to write a piece on a hard-living Janis Joplin-like musician. Through his research, the two begin to confront troubling secrets from their past. The film stars Kim Dickens, Gabrielle Mann, Don Cheadle, Eric Stoltz, Elizabeth Peña, and Rosanna Arquette. Closing Night will include a Gala at Directors Guild of America. Films were selected from over 2,000 submissions. The following 36 films are in this year’s IFP/West Los Angeles Film Festival.
DRAMATIC FEATURES ^ AMERICA SO BEAUTIFUL (World Premiere) Directed by Babak Shoknian, written by Babak Shoknian and Brian Horiuchi. A look into the life of group of Iranian immigrants living in Los Angeles during the Iran hostage crisis in the late 70’s.
ATTRACTION (U.S. Premiere) Written and directed by Russell Degrazier. Four people deal with feelings of connection and isolation, focusing on the objects of desire they are sure will make them feel happy and secure.
THE CHATEAU (North American Premiere) Directed by Jesse Peretz, written by Jesse Peretz and Thomas Bidegain. A comedy following two American brothers who inherit a French estate and decide to sell it, much to the dismay of the estate¹s staff.
COOKERS (World Premiere) Directed by Dan Mintz, written by Jeff Ritchie and Jack Moore. A drug dealer, his girlfriend and his buddy move into an abandoned house, mayhem ensue as their drug delusions blur with the ghosts of the place.
DANCING AT THE BLUE IGUANA (U.S. Premiere) Directed by Michael Radford, written by Michael Radford and David Linter. In one week, five strip club dancers and the men who work with them experience, trials and tribulations, culminating in triumph and tragedy.
DIRT (World Premiere) Written and directed by Michael Covert. A comedy about two simple-hearted brothers, who are abandoned after their mother¹s death, search to find a replacement Mom.
EVER SINCE THE WORLD ENDED (World Premiere) Co-directed by Calum Grant and Joshua Atesh Litle, written by Calum Grant. After a devastating plague has emptied the world of people, two San Francisco filmmakers grab their camera and microphone to explore and understand their deserted, strange, and dangerous world.
FREUD’S 2nd LAW (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Ian Gamazon After a woman is raped and left for dead, she decides to extract the ultimate revenge.
THE HOLYLAND (World Premiere) Written and directed by Eitan Gorlin. A powerful coming-of-age saga set against the tense backdrop of Arab-Israeli politics.
IT’S ALRIGHT MA, I’M ONLY TRYING Written and directed by Abe Levy. Capturing the teenage world in a Northern California town, a simple boy falls in love while dealing with his unconventional mother and sister.
KAATERSKILL FALLS (World Premiere) Co-directed by Josh Apter and Peter Olsen, written by Josh Apter, Peter Olsen, Hillary Howard, Mitchell Riggs, and Anthony Leslie. A young urban couple’s marriage crumbles when, on a weekend vacation in the Catskills they befriend a mysterious hitchhiker.
KISSING JESSICA STEIN (World Premiere) Directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, written by Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt A New York woman fed up with the dating scene, answers a personal ad and begins a first-time same-sex relationship.
KWIK STOP (World Premiere) Written and directed by Michael Gilio. An unconventional road movie about a shoplifting slacker, a local teenage girl, and his defiant ex-girlfriend.
LAST BALL (World Premiere) Written and directed by Peter Callahan. A young, Hastings man finds love, loses love, and searches for direction in his life.
THE LAW OF ENCLOSURES (U.S. Premiere) Written and directed by John Greyson. Cutting back and forth between their first year together and their final months, a couple rediscover their love for one another.
LONESOME (World Premiere) Written and directed by Elke Rosthal. A coming-of-age road trip film of a troubled runaway who hooks up with a struggling county and western singer.
MAELSTRöM (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Denis Villeneuve. When a clothing boutique manager and an old Norweigian fishmonger collide with finality on a city street propelling her into a crisis, into the river, and eventually into the arms of a stranger.
MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Ilya Chaiken. A realistic look at the life of a young New Yorker and her friends as they meet for half-priced drinks and jabber about their colorful lives.
NAILED (World Premiere) Written and directed by Joel Silverman. A father and son are in turmoil over a troubled young woman the son has impregnated during a one-night stand.
ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN (West Coast Premiere) Directed by Todd Verow, written by Todd Verow, Philly, and Jim Dwyer. A raw, corrosive film that rides shotgun on the chaotic life of the anti-heroic, part­time rock star, full-time maniac who calls herself Antimatter.
REVOLUTION #9 (World Premiere) Written and directed by Tim McCann. A thriller that examines the schizophrenic breakdown of a young New Yorker who imagines himself the victim of an overwhelming sensory attack by corporate media.
RIDERS (World Premiere) Written and directed by Doug Sadler. A teenager girl comes into conflict with her mother¹s boyfriend and flees home with her young sister.
ROOF TO ROOF (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Ara Corbett. A recently immigrated Armenian single father struggles to make ends meet while dealing with the complex relationship with his family.
SEVEN AND A MATCH (World Premiere) Written and directed by Derek Simonds. A young, broke, and orphaned woman invites six of her college friends up to an isolated summer home where friendships and loyalties are tested.
THE SLEEPY TIME GAL (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Christopher Münch. A middle-aged woman dying of cancer examines personal and familial relationships.
VIRGIL BLISS (West Coast Premiere) Written and directed by Joe Maggio. A recently paroled thief with a hair-trigger temper and the social skills of a child becomes obsessed with a living a normal life.
DOCUMENTARY FEATURES ^ 90 MILES (World Premiere) Written and directed Juan Carlos Zaldivar. The personal story of a young Cuban boy¹s journey to America during the Revolution is told.
AMATO: a love affair with opera Directed by Stephen Ives. A glimpse into the rich history of a tiny, New York opera house as it prepares for its 50th Anniversary.
THE HOTEL UPSTAIRS (World Premiere) Directed by Daniel Baer. An examination of the residents the Columbus Hotel, an all-but-invisible residential hotel in the heart of San Francisco¹s North Beach in San Francisco.
IN THE BATHTUB OF THE WORLD (World Premiere) Directed by Caveh Zahedi. An autobiographical video journal of this San Francisco filmmaker.
LIFE AND DEBT (World Premiere) Directed by Stephanie Karen Black. The film focuses on the complexities of economic globalization on the world¹s developing countries.
QUEEN OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD (World Premiere) Directed by Roger Hyde. A look behind-the-scenes of the drag queen Miss USA 2000 pageant.
SCRATCH (West Coast Premiere) Directed by Doug Pray. An exploration of hip-hop DJs and the surrounding “turntablist” movement.
UNDETECTABLE: THE NEW FACE OF AIDS (World Premiere) Directed by Jay Corcoran. Six Boston residents on multi-drug therapies for HIV encounter complex physical and psychological effects.
WHO IS BERNARD TAPIE? (World Premiere) Directed by Marina Zenovich. A profile of a French businessman, former politician, convicted criminal-turned actor.
THE YOUNG AND THE DEAD (North American Premiere) Co-directed by Shari Springer and Robert Pulcini. A look at the people behind the newly renovated Hollywood Forever cemetery and their approach to the cemetery business.
The Los Angeles Film Festival is a program of Independent Feature Project/West. Since its inception, IFP/West has become the primary support network for independent filmmakers in Southern California and is a strong advocate for diversity and innovation in filmmaking. With over 5,000 members, IFP/West is one of the largest non-profit membership organizations supporting the development, production, and distribution of quality independent films in the United States today.
The Los Angeles Film Festival was launched in 1995 as a means of uniting the independent filmmaking community. The Festival showcases the diversity of North American cinema and provides a forum for film, music, and new media to converge. Over its first six years the Los Angeles Film Festival has grown from 3,500 to 30,000 attendees, hosting such notable talents as Gena Rowlands, Helen Hunt, Phil Joanau, Holly Hunter, and Eric Stoltz.

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